Anybody Home?

Been looking around /sp/ and basedball to see if any of the /isg/ gang is around. No luck so far. Come on guys, spring training is almost over! Time to dust off those memes and go full retard on twitter.

Revisiting SWAG

Over two years ago, I wrote this post concerning a revolutionary new sabermetric, Style, Worth, and Appeal Gauged, or SWAG. The events of the past 24 hours have caused me to reflect on my feelings towards Yankees players and professional…

I get drunk and I start thinking…

Yankee pitchers threw 27 innings against the San Diego Padres during this series.  8 1/3innings were pitched by C C Sabathia and Phil Hughes.  16 2/3 innings were pitched by Ivan Nova and various Yankee bullpen pitchers.   Sabathia and Hughes gave up ten runs, during their 8 1/3 innings.  The rest of the staff gave up three runes, during their 16 2/3 innings.  I am very sure I have messed up the math in there someplace, but it doesn’t matter.

What I was thinking about was MUH BRONIES…and how you all allowed this to happen.